Every four years Olympic fever sweeps across the country and has everybody engrossed in the wellbeing of our athletes. We cheer loud and proud, immerse ourselves in the drama and ultimately live every minute of the games alongside the chosen few who represent our great country.

It is a chance to forget about world politics, forget about home-grown issues and focus upon the everybody coming together in unison and celebrating ancient traditions of elite sporting conquests.

There is so much riding on the Olympic games as the fanfare and positivity they bring to the nation will ultimately be rewarded in financial gain. Even if we try to analyse the Olympic games in their purest form it can’t be denied that they play a huge roll in the global economic outlooks for many countries.

Here in Britain we are a small nation that punches well above our weight in terms of success in the Olympic games but how does this transpire to business? Well quite simply if we perform well more people want to get involved in sports and the more people become involved the more money goes back into the economy.

This is the simplest of theories but it is true. And the more people we get involved in sports the healthier the nation becomes and this has the power to lighten the burden on the already over worked NHS and free up more government money to be put back into the country for our personal gains.

To some people the likes of Mo Farrah, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Tom Daley and Laura Trott may just be household names for the duration of the games, but for some they are heroes and icons and somebody who is well worth idolising and looking to emulate their successes in the future.

These Olympic athletes pave the way for future generations to be as obsessed with sports as they were at an early age and in turn become huge contributors to the future wellbeing of the nation. The Olympics are great for the country’s morale and improved morale is great for business.

Here at Artsanac LTD we would like to congratulate every member of Team GB who have gone to Rio and done the nation proud. You provide a real success story in an already turbulent 2016 so for all your hard work and all your successes we salute you.