With an estimated worldwide revenue of 900 billion pounds, automated cars are definitely the future. In terms of British manufacturing Jaguar Land Rover have this week committed to producing around 100 research vehicles in order to bring the United Kingdom into the picture.

A report in THE GUARDIAN has highlighted how Jaguar Land Rover will ship out their cars within the next four years in order to really test the water in this very unique era for car manufacturing. There are many technologies involved in the production of self driving cars but as the market grows stronger so does the need to be involved in the revolution in order to not miss the boat when it comes to making profit.

This story is not only interesting for the fact that self driving cars seem so far fetched yet so close to fruition, but also a glaring example of the need to stay relevant in business. The name Jaguar Land Rover is synonymous with British automotive experiences but the fact that they aren’t resting on their laurels allows for the company to further cement themselves as a leading player in the automotive field.

Business is very much focused on technological growth, and as computers and technologies get smarter so should our eye for business. Business owners need to be constantly aiming to keep their finger on the pulse of new and exciting game changing moments in order to keep profits healthy. As time goes by technology will evolve and so should our passion for business. Embrace change and business will embrace you.