If you’ve been driving around the beautiful Wiltshire countryside recently you may have spotted some interesting cyclists whizz by embezzled with our Artsanac logo. Well that would be CEO Patrick finding time out of his busy day to build up the miles on the bike!

Health and fitness go hand in hand with successful businesses. A healthy mind will lead to improved decision making and clearer visions for future projects. Cycling is a high intensity workout that can be undertaken anywhere, anytime and in any weather condition, although Pat is yet to truly test his new outfit in a typically British downpour!

We can never underestimate the power of spreading our brand message in a variety of different ways. Brand awareness leads to brand exposure, so what better way to get our company message out to the masses than with a brisk cycle through the South West of England!

It is important to have passions outside of the workplace in order to truly enjoy the time away from the screen. Cycling is a way that Patrick can clear his mind in order to produce the very highest standards of work upon his return to the office.

If you are wondering about the power of brand exposure then wonder no more. Everyone here at Artsanac will be working hard to make sure your business message reaches the masses through a variety of different methods. Interested in growing your company? Of course you are! Make sure you contact us today to see how we can all ride into successful future projects together!