Bank Holiday Monday in the United Kingdom often leaves people deliberating how best to spend their day off. Some take time out to relax and catch up on any housework that needs finishing, some head off to the beach to top up the tan whilst others obtain that real sense of adventure and head off into the nations capital for one of the busiest days of the year.

 A recent geographical survey has figures revealing that London now has a population of a little over 8.6 million inhabitants. Strolling down Oxford Street and Leicester Square proudly sporting an Artsanac jumper was allowing our brand to gain mass amounts of exposure with minimal amounts of effort. The sheer amount of people in and around the city who were all being exposed to the brand was phenomenal. At any one stage in the day our message was being re-laid to thousands of people, not a bad return solely based on a choice of outfit for the day!

As we walked further around the overcrowded tourist hotspots of Covent Garden and Camden Markets we got the sense that all 8 million or so people had turned up in the city centre for the day. As we tussled and fought our way through the crowds the realisation further dawned that by simply being in this busy place at this chosen time we were working overtime in promoting the company brand.

All it takes is one curious stranger to then type “Artsanac” into their generic search engine and they will have instant access to what we do. It all comes back to taking pride in your brand. If you love what you do and want to promote what you do, show it through brand awareness. Brand exposure leads to business development.

Our one day in London provided us with the perfect platform to gain brand exposure for our business. If you would like to know how Patrick and the team could provide you with all the brand exposure you could possibly need feel free to contact us at or give us a call on 0800 644 4145.