I can vividly remember the first time I experienced the new and exciting world that was “tap and pass”. I had just touched down in Sydney Australia, and as a fresh-faced traveller on a one year working holiday visa I was enamoured by the new and somewhat magical method of contactless payment.

Two years on and I still find the phenomenon just as exciting. I am a product of the 21st century and I like my transactions to be as fast paced and efficient as the world we live in. Whether it be in Tesco or on public transport, any payment under 30 pounds and I’m tapping and passing!

And it seems the rest of the United Kingdom is slowly coming around to my way of thinking. An article in the TELEGRAPH explains how the popularity of the service is growing as payments made via the contactless method across the United Kingdom have surpassed the 9 billion pounds mark!

This figure is staggering seeing as the limit set for contactless payments at the moment is only £30, and the average contactless payment comes out at a mere £8.60. It just goes to show that if a product is there to speed up our average day and make peoples lives easier then they will be readily bought in to.

This is a good message to send out to business owners across the United Kingdom. Times are changing and knowing your audience is key. Give the people what they want quickly and efficiently and they will reward you. Stay on the ball and open to new ideas and the world is your oyster.