Every two years a footballing tournament breezes into our lives, and for some it’s the most action packed and enjoyable three-week period of the year! This summers European Championships have been captivating from day one, and a change in format has seen the likes of Wales and Iceland capture the hearts of the neutral fans across the continent. But what affect does this have on business?

As we all already know football is fast becoming a business heavyweight right across the globe. The scope for international media coverage for sponsors acts as a certain factor when they invest vast amounts of money into the tournaments. Each sporting nation has at least a handful of sponsored affiliates all of which will look to see profit from the tournament.

Modern day football has seen the rise of the correlation between businesses and football. The beautiful game is now somewhat engulfed in an array of weird and wonderful marketing campaigns using the humble football fan as live bait for their subliminal messaging to buy certain products.

Whether we admit to it or not, everyone who has watched the tournament closely would be able to recognise some of the favoured UEFA partners all due to the advertising boards that circle every game. Have we really become that gullible that we are no longer allowed to watch a quintessential game of 22 men kicking a ball around for 90 minutes without being subjected to subtle yet intrusive marketing campaigns?

Sponsorship in football is something that will never go away. There is money to be made in shirt and stadium sponsorship and like we all know, “brand awareness leads to brand exposure”. To have your company logo adorned onto the heart of a football shirt allows for your company to reach audiences en-mass every week.

As time goes by the whole notion of sponsorship will whittle down to who pays the most money for the privilege to sponsor a team. We can all dream big about one day being in the position for such brand awareness and long may we work hard towards achieving such goals. Who knows maybe one day we will see the Artsanac logo displayed proudly on the royal blue shirts of Everton FC. We can all dream eh!