Online security is a vital piece of any websites armoury. The need to stay safe and spam free is essential as a way of ensuring customers feel safe on your website. Now Google have launched their latest security programme and it is bound to make our lives even easier!

Gone will be the days of undertaking annoying tasks to confirm to online security that we really are not robots! Now Google reCAPTCHA will work tirelessly in the background ensuring authentic users can browse stress free, whilst suspicious characters will be made to try (and evidently fail) the challenges.


Google reCAPTCHA uses the very latest technologies and works as a sophisticated ‘risk analysis engine’ in order to provide top class security to your website. It has been tried and tested in this new way of operating ensuring that genuine website browsers will never suffer at the hands of security checks again!

To have a system in place that protects people whilst browsing the Internet is a real plus for business owners. Building a positive relationship between your company and the end users is key in securing future sales. The correlation between online security and online purchases run side by side as you wouldn’t do the latter without the former. Google reCAPTCHA simply puts the browsers at ease from the off.

Google reCAPTCHA is revolutionising the game! The user experience is all that matters when it comes to website browsing, and now the experience doesn’t have to be a frustrating one! What do you make of Google’s latest development? How do you think it will benefit your business? Let us know in the comment section below!