When we launch a new website and plan to take the world by storm do we ever really have a contingency plan for failure? It isn’t something any of us want to think about, but something we all need to be aware of.

It is conceivable that you could be sitting on one of the greatest ideas in the world, but if no one is able to access your inner sanctum then how can you possibly get your business to grow?

Here at Artsanac we specialise in a range of online marketing techniques that will propel your business to the next level. We believe in the power of business, and will strive to put our expertise to the test in order to help your company grow.

How Would I Know If I Need Help?

This is a very good question! Most businesses that we work with come directly to us to help create their website and branding ideas for their company, but there are those that may look at their flagging sales or lack of interaction and be worried for their future.

You may have experienced a period of unprecedented growth right at the beginning of your business adventure, but as time has passed growth has plateaued with no real explanation as to why.

This is where we come in. We are able to fully analyse every aspect of your website and check all facets of the site in order to make sure it is working to full capacity.

What Are The Telling Signs My Business Needs Help?

Your page speed may be too slow. This means that the user experience will suffer because potential customers and clients can’t access what they need to quickly.

Poor loading speed

Your branding may not be quite right. This means that people may be finding your website easily enough but aren’t being instantly drawn to your company message and therefore are deciding to take themselves elsewhere.

Your social media game may not be up to scratch. In this day and age the use of social media is vital for businesses. It is another way to interact with potential customers and clients, and can also be used as a way of interacting in real time with said customers and clients.

Your website may be inaccessible from organic search terms. We all know of Google rankings and how people use search engines to find what they are looking for, but what if you don’t rank well for SEO purposes? You need to ensure that the people who don’t know of you can find you almost by chance.

Your content isn’t quite right. This also has SEO implications as not only does your website content need to be engaging and to the point, but it needs to be consistent with current trends and keywords for your chosen business sector, as this will have an impact on how easy people can find you through search engines.

Your website may just be badly designed. Through no ones fault or other you may just have a website that isn’t right for your business. We are constantly seeing a shift in trends and insight into what makes good website design, and unfortunately this doesn’t always apply to all websites.

Your website isn’t mobile friendly. We all know that people’s desires for the latest information to be right at their fingertips is at an all time high. With so many people using mobile devices to do their Internet browsing these days we need to ensure that our websites are mobile friendly in order to cash in on this potential.

Your website may not have that return appeal. Believe it or not but repeat custom is something that drives all successful businesses forwards. To have a website that is engaging enough with the public to make them want to return and spend with you again is vital in being successful. If your website lacks character and empathy to the end-user then you will struggle to forge that continuous relationship.

Why Ask Artsanac For Help?

Quite simply because we have the capacity to take your business to the next level! These are very bold claims, but ones made out of our confidence in what we can achieve ourselves as a business.

responsive website design and development

We have seen our stock rise from being a small business in a heavily saturated industry to being one of the most prominent creative design industries in the South West of England. All this is down to our understanding of how to make websites work.

Our own website is testament to our unprecedented skill set. To browse the Artsanac website is to move freely from page to page with relevant content, vivid imagery, SEO focused keywords and a speed that keeps the end user interested.

It is not by fluke that the above happens. Over the years we have perfected many new and challenging techniques to ensure we know the ins and outs of the industry we work in. To have a website either designed or re-branded by Artsanac is to have one of the best websites available in your chosen business sector.

If any of the issues raised in this piece strike a chord within you then please feel free to get in contact with us. We have a dedicated team of experts ready and on hand to fire your business up into the upper echelons of your chosen fields, and have you reaping the rewards of this in no time at all!

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