I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long. Just figure out what’s next.

Steve Jobs 2006

With 2017 in full swing many companies will be looking at projections and targets set in January to see how the first quarter of the year is shaping up business wise.

It is all well and good setting realistic targets with company growth in mind but what if the goals we set ourselves aren’t quite working yet? What are the simplest ways to reinvigorate our businesses for the rest of 2017? It could be so simple as to redesign our website to encourage more interaction with the end users.

Established businesses may be pretty happy with the overall look and feel of their website, but in terms of the end user experience we need to ensure that evidentially it’s the customers who get the best out our websites.

Lets begin with a re-shaping of the User Interface (UI) aspect of a website. The UI is so important because it encompasses everything the potential clients will view on our websites.

From graphic design and brand redevelopment to content writing, all of these different aspects will contribute to a better website for your business. The sensory experience will decipher whether or not a potential customer will purchase from your website.

To look both appealing and sound appealing are key factors in building a strong relationship between your business ethos and the customer. Get them hooked from minute one and they may stay with you for life. You know what they say; ‘You never get a second chance at a first impression’.

Now as well as a coherent UI website we also need to ensure that our website is an actual enjoyable experience for the end users, this is know as User Experience (UX).

Our businesses will know exactly what our voice is but do our potential customers? Will they have an instant connection to our brand message and be drawn into whatever it is we are providing? If not, why not? This is key to having a fully functional UX website.

responsive website design wiltshire

A happy customer is one that will remain loyal to you through thick and thin. There are thousands of competitors waiting in the wings to steal business away from you, so make sure that from the very first click onto your website there is no need for customers to be tempted to stray elsewhere.

Bringing your website into line with modern twists will be key in securing a great legacy for your business. Knowing exactly what our customers desire is key to launching a successful website redesign.

Give the process time and thought and your efforts will be well rewarded. A website redesign isn’t something to be taken lightly, but now more than ever other businesses are making subtle changes to fully immerse themselves in a complete user experience.

Has this blog been the push in the right direction your business has needed? Are there any further questions you’d like answering in regards to what goes in to a website redesign? If so feel free to contact us either in the comments section below, via Facebook or email at info@artsanac.com