After the latest round of Brexit discussions some interesting news has emerged that may be pivotal for British businesses. It’s been announced that Brexit is going to directly affect those businesses that have a .eu domain for their website, but don’t hold an EU postal address.

Regardless of whether or not a Brexit deal can be reached the changes will mean anyone who can’t provide an EU postal address for a business that uses a .eu domain will lose said domain. These changes will come place on the 30th March 2019 (if a no deal is struck) or the 1st January 2021 (if a deal is negotiated).

In simple terms if you don’t have a contingency plan in place today your business may well suffer. Regardless of the status of your business if you hold a .eu domain without an EU postal address your domain will be cancelled and your website will cease to exist.

How can Artsanac help me if I have a .eu domain?

If you have a .eu domain but also a postal address inside the EU then you’ll be fine, don’t worry! However if you have a .eu domain but no EU postal address then Artsanac can help in a variety of ways.

1. Purchase you a new domain
2. Transfer your website to your new domain
3. Redirect your EU domain to a new website

With Artsanac LTD being skilled in these areas we will endeavour to make the switchover as seamless and stress free as possible. Many businesses are seeing a post-Brexit environment as a time for recollection and ultimately time to re-brand for the future.

Whatever decision you decide is best just be sure that we are here to help. For any further information or advice feel free to contact us at