Many companies go through countless periods of change and at Google that’s no different. Throughout the years we have seen the company logo grow as the business did and now more than ever they truly have their finger on the pulse as they strive forward in the business world.

The introduction of the new logo comes at a time when many major companies are focused on providing the very best in branding for their businesses. Google have recognised that now was the time for change as they have introduced a logo that will be both efficient and dynamic across all the areas they work within and still hold the very essence of the stand out company brand.

Branding is so important to business. It is a sole statement to draw in audiences into recognising who they are dealing with. As soon as we see that synonymous Google logo we know exactly what we are getting from a highly respected and valued source. That goes for branding across the board. The better recognition our company brand gives us the better it is for business.

Here at Artsanac LTD we recently went through a business rebrand of our own and it is something that has proven highly successful for us. We are a creative marketing agency who deal with rebranding everyday and therefore had to make people believe in our brand so we can then in turn make them believe in theirs.

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