Last night saw the annual European musical extravaganza that is the Eurovision Song Contest take place! The show was broadcast from Kiev in the Ukraine and was won by Portugal and their act Salvador Sobral, scooping the prize for his nation for the first time in their history!

Sobral, 27, was an early favourite for the title. He belted out a heart-warming ballad written by his sister all about a very serious heart condition he has held since a young age. The passion of the lyrics coupled with a haunting vocal performance made him a very worthy winner.

In his acceptance speech Salvador said, “We live in a world of fast food music. This is a victory for music. Music isn’t fireworks, music is feeling.” This sort of statement seems far-fetched from a show that produced a dancing gorilla and a yodelling /rap mash-up, but his sincerity for his art form is something to be admired.

Salvador stuck to his guns and won the competition his way. No gimmicks, no slick dance beat, no over the top visuals, just the words, a voice and a rousing performance. Salvador Sobral can be viewed as a role model for business owners across the world.

We often find ourselves in situations where our own art form has to be compromised for the sake of a quick win. However if we just stick to our guns and ensure that we are happy with what we are producing then that is all we should be concerned with.