We all know that SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ but what does this actually mean for our business?

To rank highly on certain search engines is key in the pursuit of obtaining traffic, which will hopefully, in turn, lead to business. Nowadays whole businesses are built on optimising SEO in order to maximise profits.

SEO is a key element in 21st Century business dealings but do you fully know how to get the best out of your own business?

Here is a quick lowdown into two separate facets of SEO which may have sneaked under the radar yet could make your business scale to new heights of successfulness. These are On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

On Page SEO

As you may expect On Page SEO focuses solely on the physical content on your actual webpage and blog. It is able to seek out prominent words that you use frequently on your website and turn this into natural website ranking places.

There are certain areas of your website that hold greater weight in determining the actual amount of impact each word holds (things like headings and domain name rank highest), but as a whole search engines will easily pick out what you are trying to promote from the language that you are using.

This doesn’t mean a website has to be laden with the same old predictable key words. You still want your website to look classy and read well without worrying too much about obtaining healthy natural SEO rankings. That is where the next facet of SEO comes in.

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO is utilising the mentions and traffic your business generates away from your physical website. Social Media accounts play a huge role in the generation of Off Page SEO rankings as you can portray your company message to the masses and rack up shares and likes to boost ratings.

However with Off Page SEO we still need to remember that keywords are essential. Social media gives us a limited number of characters to portray our messages but they still need to stay on point and relevant to your needs.

To engage with the audience clearly and concisely away from your website is what will propel your business to the next level. Use Off Page SEO to liaise with clients, answer any questions they may have and offer advice and help to those in need. Basically you are selling yourself through the actions and counteractions you have away from your chosen domain name.

What Next For Me?

Search Engine Optimisation is an integral part of modern day business that simply cannot be ignored. It will shape how we rank and who we can deal with solely through the words we use and the tone we portray.

What may seem a little confusing to some is quite straightforward to others. We are all creatures of habits and like to excel in what we already know.

Here at Artsanac LTD we strive to take the stress out of these everyday website issues with the creation and maintenance of well written, SEO friendly websites.

SEO optimisation is an area of business that in the right hands is easy to maintain and excel in. If you have any questions as to how Artsanac can turn around the fortunes of your business and help you to grow then please feel free to contact us at info@artsanac.com.