As of July 2018 websites with no SSL certificates will be flagged by Google, putting millions of unsolicited websites at risk of losing their searchability status with the search engine giants.

But what is an SSL certificate you may ask? Well a SSL certificate is a data file that encrypts that digitally binds all of your businesses details in one place between the web server and the browser.

This allows for many of the day-to-day functionalities of a website, such as bank transfers, data transfers and general logins to be undertaken safely and securely.

Your business needs to install their SSL certificate to create that sense of trust between yourselves and your end users, as without the certificate the small padlock at the beginning of your website URL in the browser will not be there, and this is what will turn potential customers away.


These recent changes have implications for those of you who host your websites through us here at Artsanac LTD. The SSL certificate required to secure your website must be purchased and installed through ourselves as we do not accept third party certificates on our servers.

The cost of securing your website with an SSL certificate through Artsanac is £90 plus vat per year. All we require from yourselves is an admin@ email address. If you don’t already possess one of these then again that is something we can set you up with.

Alternately if you find yourselves reading this article and are worried that your current service provider isn’t offering you the same levels of security that Artsanac Ltd can offer then please CLICK HERE to see how we can host your website today.