When creating a brand there is a real need for familiarity and recognition in order to create a tight bond with the public. The Co-op has been a British business stalwart for almost two centuries and has now taken the bold step to rebrand and honour the past with a simplistic yet sophisticated new logo.

The design pays homage to times gone by and is a real feat of beauty. The rebrand not only manages to keep traditions in tact but also brings a certain youthfulness to the company as a whole. The original logo used to inspire the rebrand dates to the 1960’s. This was a golden era for the Co-op and will hopefully generate positive emotions for nostalgic British patrons of the business.

An article in the creative review mentions how the company was operating at major losses not so long ago and the impact it had on the brands identity. Remembered fondly by many of the older generations, the new logo will inspire to ignite happy memories of a flourishing Co-op company and hopefully lead them to future successes.

We have recently seen major rebrands from companies like Instagram and Google, and the precedent has been laid out for success. In an ever modernising environment business are constantly having to keep on trend and relevant in their chosen markets in order to stay one step ahead of the game.

Artsanac ourselves have recently completed a massive rebranding project and we have seen successful results first hand. Your brand is your identity and to have something that’s bold yet classic, and fresh yet timeless allows for greater scope within the business industry.

The simplicity with which a major rebrand can be achieved makes them a real commodity in the modern business markets. A fresh-faced approach to your branding will allow for respect and trust with your consumers and bring you in line with modern 21st century practices.

For any information into how Artsanac can undertake your rebrand and bring you a company logo to be proud of then feel free to contact us at info@artsanac.com