Most people see the bank holiday weekend as a time to sit back, relax, maybe do some gardening or even spend the day out with the family. Well Samuel Worsfold, lifelong friend of Artsanac CEO Patrick Canastra, had other plans and successfully completed the Trowbridge Triathlon!

Sam’s dedication and commitment to his training regime has been a real inspiration for everyone here at Artsanac as it shows that with a little imagination and a lot of hard work, anything is possible.

When we heard of Sam’s plans to compete in the Trowbridge Triathlon we saw this as a perfect opportunity to not only support one of our closest friends but also to gain some brand exposure at a top quality local event. We kitted Sam out in a full Artsanac running kit and its fair to say he did look good wearing it!

It’s small events like the Trowbridge Triathlon that will go a long way to cementing Artsanac’s reputation in the local area. To have a successful creative marketing agency based in the heart of Wiltshire will allow fellow local businesses to feel confident coming to Artsanac with their big ideas for the future and finding out how we can make those dreams a reality!

We hope that anyone who spotted Sam out on the course and was wondering who was embezzled across his chest will now have a clearer understanding of the team behind the logo. We also want to say huge congratulations to Sam and to everybody else who took on the gruelling challenge a massive well done!