The recent wave of cyber attacks that affected NHS hospital databases across the United Kingdom are the latest in a line of fast moving, vicious attacks by hackers looking to take control of peoples sensitive information.

There have been increasing numbers of cyber attacks due to the rise in intelligent software, and people should be genuinely wary of breaches of security as ultimately they are being used as a quick way to intimidate the average Briton into handing over money to ‘fix’ the issues.

This attack has been described as the ‘biggest ransomware offensive in history’, which highlights the scale of the attack. German train operator Deutsche Bahn was affected, as was FedEx in the USA, further highlighting the international scale of the outbreak.

The attacks have highlighted the need for due diligence when it comes to our online activities. We are being advised to back-up important files and photo albums, and to be wary when it comes to opening up emails that don’t come from a secure source we are familiar with.

These attacks bring us to a very important point and that is that if you run a business are you sure your website is 100% secure? Website security should be the number one priority of any website developer, as once you nail down the security of the website the trust of the end user will follow.

With the full scale of the attacks not meant to be known until at least Monday, I fear the end of this saga may be far from over. Unfortunately this is something that is becoming more apparent in modern day society but that doesn’t mean that nothing can be done about it. As hackers become more sophisticated so to do those trusted computer experts amongst us trying to look after you and keep you safe.