The need to stay in contact with our customers is vital in building strong working relationships. To offer a service that is 100% accessible 100% of the time is key to maximising both customer relations and business profits.

Here at Artsanac we are pleased to announce or commitment to excellence by offering a new service that will see us install a free to use application called “Live Chat” to your website.


“Live Chat” is a service that enables real time communications between yourself and potential clients browsing your website. The service is a real game changer for small businesses looking to provide outreach to clients quickly and easily.

Here at Artsanac we believe in the power of good communication so we will be installing a programme that will allow you to converse with potential clients all from the convenience of your personal devices. We will offer a re-brandable widget that is totally free to use and will serve your company admirably for many years to come.

The widget also has the great addition of having a ‘live time refresh’ which allows you to know how many people are on your website at any given time in the day. You will also have the option to receive real time updates in the form of an app or desktop notification. You really will be fully immersed in the owner/customer relationship.


The widget has many plus points and another is its versatility when catering for your working needs. The widget has the capability to be turned off when your working hours have ceased and therefore truly gives you total control of your business and will ensure that you can make real time adjustments to procedures any time you so desire.

For a limited time only the installation of this marvellous real time application costs:

HTML Website – £55.00

Ecommerce/Shop Websites = £65.00

WordPress & Joomla CMS Websites – £45.00

Never miss a moment of the action and ensure the pathway between your business and your cliental is always open and welcoming for all. Contact us today