When talking about the design and creation of websites you may hear people referencing the terms UX and UI. UX and UI are acronyms that stand for User Experience and User Interface respectively.

Both facets of UX and UI design are crucial in the creation of a successful website but here in this blog piece we will strive to look deeper into each concept and talk about how the team at Artsanac LTD go about ensuring all of the key features of each design method are implemented into our websites.

UX – User Experience

UX design is the formulation of a series of methods in order to make the users use of the website succinct and stress free.

Pretty simple eh?! Basically there are many components of the UX that need to be done in tandem in order to produce a website that will be successful.

One of the main driving forces behind any UX website is preparation. To blindly jump in to a design and try to rush it for the sake of being on the World Wide Web won’t serve any business well in the long run.

We need to 100% understand the market we are joining, and therefore try to think exactly what it is the custom requires from our website.

Things like competitor research, customer analysis, statistical analysis of industry trends as well as goal setting and monitoring success are all integral to a well laid out UX website.

We have to ensure that the end goal sees complete seamless interaction between the company and the user. What good is a website selling shoes if you are unable to find your size?

Here at Artsanac LTD there is a real customer focus on UX design within website development. We understand the need for preparation, research, testing, proof reading of all content, and finally can we sign off this side of the website.



UI – User Interface

UI design is the ability to showcase a clear and succinct brand message throughout the production of a website.

The User Interface of a website is the ability to create a visual spectacle that will be synonymous of the brand message on offer for each individual business.

Most people would argue that the main crux of UI design is based around graphic design and the actual look of the website, but let us assure you it is much more than just that!

What good is a fully researched and paid up UX design if the UI part of the website lets it down? Its not just the visuals that nee to be done right, it is also the brand development as well as the introduction of the story.

From a simple hand drawn sketch can the main imagery of a company grow. Brand design and development can be undertaken either from scratch, or updated from an existing model within the UI design of a website.

A well researched and fully functional website will unfortunately not be the sole contributor for sales. We need to make sure that the customers are greeted with a brand that look relatable and ultimately one that they will want to interact with.

A visual and unique website is key for any successful business. Here at Artsanac LTD we have the very best designers on hand to deliver first class UI website each and every time!


UX And UI At Artsanac

Being a market leading creative design agency means we have to be constantly well versed in the latest industry trends. We have amassed a team of experts in the field of UX and UI website design in order to offer the very best for our clients.

Our portfolio is full to the brim of new and exciting projects that we have undertaken, all highlighting the end product of well researched and well presented website designs.

If there is a top quality website lacking from your businesses arsenal then you know who to call!

Get in touch with the team at Artsanac today and see how we implement the very best UX and UI designs straight into your company website to set you on the path to new and exciting heights of success!